We provide the following services under the ACC Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC)

  1. The Primary services of:
  • Getting Started
  • Early Planning
  • Supported Assessment
  • Support to Well-being
  • Support to Next Steps
  • Maintaining Wellbeing
  1. The Secondary services of:
  • Group Work
  1. Support Services
  • Social Worker
  • Family and Whanau Support


“Getting Started” is to help clients to

  • feel comfortable and validated for seeking assistance
  • help determine what type of Provider could best deliver the services to meet the their needs
  • know what ACC funded services are available
  • decide whether they wish to proceed with ACC services
  • have an opportunity to meet and feel comfortable with the Service Provider without pressure that they have to continue with that Provider

“Early Planning” is to help clients to identify their current needs and for the Provider to determine the most appropriate service(s) for those needs

“Supported Assessment” is to help ACC determine the client’s eligibility for cover and entitlement.

“Support to Well-being” can be short term and is to provide short term intervention to support the clients safety and well-being. It can also be a tailored well-being service to achieve recovery from, or the self-management of their covered mental injury.

“Support to Next Steps” is to support clients who are not eligible for ACC funding to find and transition to other non-ACC Providers or another funding mechanism with the same Providers.

“Maintaining Wellbeing” is to provide the client who is self-managing with support as required