Optimum Solutions Vision

Optimum Solutions aims to provide services that will assist clients to heal and recover from the experience and impact of sexual abuse trauma.

Our guiding principles and values are the essence of our practice. Our providers and suppliers share the same values, more about how you monitor and ensure that the values are being meet.


We are committed to creating respectful relationships with Providers that will enable them to deliver safe flexible, supportive and responsive client centered services integrated with the wider context and community of the client.


We will ensure that Providers have the relevant experience, qualifications and skills to work with ACC sensitive claims clients.


We will ensure that Providers work together to uphold the therapeutic relationship thereby reducing the needs for clients to re-tell their story.


We will ensure clients are offered a choice in how they access and engage with our service and how they progress their recovery and rehabilitation.


We will be responsive to each client’s specific needs with clinically appropriate services.


We will acknowledge and accommodate the client’s influence of culture, ethnicity, gender, age etc.


We will assist ACC clients to achieve and maintain recovery and rehabilitation outcomes subsequent to mental injury as the result of sexual abuse or assault.


We will ensure quality service provision, delivering a professional service to children, adolescents, adults and their family and whanau. Clients will be given an opportunity for feedback in order for us to modify and adapt the service we offer.


We will provide the highest quality care embracing the values of integrity, compassion, responsibility, privacy and clinical excellence.


We are committed to building and strengthening relationships with referral agents by continually adapting and improving our services to best meet their needs.


We will act in creative ways, searching for the best ways to make a timely response to client and market needs.

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